Geoff Alder was registered in South Africa as a Professional Technologist (Engineering) and has been awarded the Gold Medal of the South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning for "Services Rendered to Refrigeration and Air Conditioning". He was a Fellow of SAIRAC, and has presented innumerable Papers and talks at meetings of that Institute each of their Centres within South Africa.

For a quarter of a century he has been the writer of regular technical columns in various Trade Journals. These have gained a considerable following among readers in a range of technical situations, many of whom have reported to Geoff that they 'cut out and keep every article'. An avoidance of complex technical jargon and involved mathematical descriptions has resulted in his work being of general appeal. He combines a fresh and descriptive writing style with a wealth of practical experience gained during a varied lifetime of design, system commissioning, research and development work and as a 'roving troubleshooter' of technical matters within the air conditioning industry.

Being largely self-taught makes Geoff's achievements the more unusual or perhaps explains the ready appeal his work has for those eager to learn in this technical field. He now adds his 'Make It Easy' training material, "Refrigeration Explained" to his acclaimed book, "Heat, Energy and Refrigeration", along with his somewhat prolific written technical work, much of it currently being offered on the Data CD, "The Geoff Alder Collection of Magazine Articles". This varied subject matter is proving invaluable as resource material to Consulting Engineers and for all involved in a technical capacity in the fields of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. These provide a wealth of highly readable subject matter. Accountants and others too who, one way or another, are associated with the Industry have been finding that Geoff's various works provide appealing and informative reading. Apart from the written word, Geoff has become adept in producing the illustrations which are generously sprinkled through his various works, and which so much assist in their assimilation.

Geoff and Glenda have two adult children. Their son, Russel, is actively involved in the marketing and maintenance of major refrigeration equipment and machinery. Geoff lived with his wife Glenda in retirement on the East Coast of South Africa up to his death in March 2013. Until the time of his death, Geoff continued his lifelong work to up-skill and professionalize the industry, and now Glenda continues to run the business and market Geoff's material for the benefit of all who want to learn.