I have been actively teaching this material around South Africa on behalf of SAIMechE for the past two years. The interaction with you kind folk, afforded by these occasions, has provided for me excellent opportunities to reshape and ever-improve the presentation methods and content.

It has now attained the status of "respectable finality"!

Priced at just R400.00 (Including Registered Postage in South Africa).


 I have taken a great interest in generating animated PowerPoint graphics (the kind of thing you do when you have retired, and find there is a great load of data in your head that you don't wish have go to waste). The material includes a full voiceover (by me). When presented 'live' under the SAIMechE banner, it qualifies attendees to 1 CPD point. (For that matter, I am now authorized by SAIRAC to do my own independent presentations for a CPD point, as also "Refrigeration Explained", a 2-day Course, for two CPD points).

 In 'live' form "Psychrometrics and Psychrometric Processes" comprises a full-day presentation (08h30 to 16h00 -- but with a lunch break)! Beyond a doubt, it can be independently self-presented or group-presented wherever you may be, to great advantage as a series of perhaps 1-hour modules, extending over several weeks.

 Form of presentation is an animated on-screen sequence with voice-over, with each slide running automatically for a variable time in the order of one minute or so per slide. It then stops, awaiting a mouse prompt. This allows discussion time, ‘breathing’ and absorption space, time for note-taking, and where applicable, a working gap for the calculation examples. All the calculation examples are given step-by-step, allowing each Learner to work that phase of the calculation, and then to check his or her work by watching the ‘official’ version being played out.

 The material starts at entry level, and embraces a detailed and very graphic (I hope) description of the all-important concept of saturation and atmospheric humidity. The complete material progresses to an advanced knowledge level of Psychrometrics.

  • It builds on the construction of the chart in logical point-by-point manner.
  • It heavily stresses the  radically different and widely confused concepts of relative and specific humidity.
  • It then moves forward to describe a range of psychrometric processes, initially heating processes, followed by cooling + dehumidification, then evaporative cooling, extending to 2-stage evaporative cooling, humidification by steam, desiccant drying, and enthalpy wheel description. All of these are illustrated by real-life associated processes.

I do believe it to be fully comprehensive. The material is generously illustrated with photographs, charts and diagrams.

 It comes as a 2-disc pack, with on one disc a reasonable selection of psychrometric charts for sea level and altitude, plus quite an array of printable support material in pdf format, centred around a printable 29-page Learners' workbook. Then, on the other disc, is the AV Presentation material itself.

 It requires a computer of reasonable muscle* with sound facilities and PowerPoint 2003 (or more recent) to run the material, plus just about any version of Acrobat Reader. The pack sells at R400.00 (Registered postage in RSA included).

 We strive to mail orders within 24 hours, weekdays.

 *Any reasonable and fairly current Laptop with Windows and PowerPoint 2003 (or newer) will be sufficient.

This happy group attended a recent 'live' Course.    Durbanville, Cape Town, November 2009.