For several years, folk have been approaching me for my input regarding the all to frequent premature failure of scroll compressors. It would seem realistic to anticipate a life expectancy of perhaps 15 years for such machines. A disturbing number have been failing after just a couple of years, with a few not even making it through their guarantee period.

These particular occasions of personal involvement, together with the many hours spent on writing instalments of "Our Industry" for the RACA Magazine have provided me with occasion to give a great deal of consideration to this matter.


My article for March 2013 considered this matter in some detail–so much so that I was enthused to offer to present an audiovisual version based on this article to SAIRAC in KZ Natal. This has been entitled "Give Scrolls a Chance". That presentation took place on 21st February 2013.

Firstly the scroll's mode of operation is made clear by way of a series of animations. Then normal application, and particularly the scroll's dependence on continued proper lubrication is considered. It is postulated that frequently this comes short, and cycles of wear are imposed on the machine–wear that cannot be inspected during the lifetime of the machine. As an outcome, and too often sooner than later, the compressor fails.

This presentation examines the essentiality of providing ready access to the detailed track record of each machine, and ways of highlighting threatening situations well before that can bring the machine to destruction.

The material is comprehensive but readily digestible. I have elected to compile it into AV presentation material form that you, wherever you may be, can purchase either for your own use or for in-house presentation from a data projector.

Alongside are examples of animated graphics, a number of which have been incorporated in the material to aid the bringing to life of the descriptions. I am offering this material as a training disc for just R400.00 plus packing and registered postage. Please take a look at two demo slides.  (3 MB)


This material was first presented at a SAIRAC KZ Natal Technical Meeting during February 2013.

The photo below shows the attentive turnout. One comment made was that it would be a logical idea for the various companies to have the material on hand, and to present this to their technical staff as a refresher every six months.